Feel It, Breathe It!

Discover Georgia's hidden places,

untouched by tourism

Explore Off-The-Beaten Paths

Make New Friends for Life

Experience More of Nature


You are new to Georgia, and really want to make the most of your time here, but don't know where to start?

You have done the touristy places, but now want a real adventure, without the organisational hassle?

You want to have a fun time, and make some new friends in your new home town?

The chance to make your dream a reality

Small Groups ONLY

So that you can get to meet and make more new friends easier.

Friendly Hosts ONLY

We only use wonderful hosts who make the difference between a good tour and a great tour.

Carefully Planned Itineraries ONLY

Relaxed and stress-free tours without the organisational hassle


1. Join Weekend Travelers Facebook Group

2. Choose a Tour

3. Explore Georgia!

There is Something for Everyone.

1-3 Day ADVENTURE Tours of Georgia.

Hosted tours at weekends to explore the beauty of Georgia's stunning countryside and nature.

Group MEALS in Tbilisi Restaurants.

Hosted meals during the week to catch up with your new found friends..


WALKING/Cultural Tours of Hidden Tbilisi.

Hosted street walks for 2 hours, around the backstreets of the Old Tbilisi

HIKES/Walks around Tbilisi.

Easy and difficult hosted walks for 2-5 hours to get you away from the weekly grind.

WARNING: We Are Not For Everyone:

WE BELIEVE THAT it’s pretty much impossible to enjoy and get close to the hidden gems of Georgia, if you’re in a large group.

So just to make it clear that we are not for everyone

But if you are one of those people that appreciates the incredible diversity of the georgian expat community, whilst at the same time appreciating the amazing friendliness and hospitality offered by local georgian people...then you are in the RIGHT place!